Did you know that more than 1 million UK businesses do not backup their company data properly? Data loss is a major problem for businesses of all sizes. When it happens it is always a big shock, and can in the most serious cases cause business failure or huge financial losses.

There are no boundaries of data loss. It can happen to any type of business and often results in serious consequences, from big financial damage to very significant downtime.

Data loss is typically influenced by the way a business saves, stores and handles their data and information. The two most common factors of data loss are  hardware failure and human error.

By moving to The Cloud, you will be able to improve the security of your data with a disaster recovery backup solution. Cloud Disaster Recovery serves as a reliable data storage and business infrastructure system to protect your IT from shutting down in the event of a hard drive failure or natural disaster.

No matter what the cause, Cloud Disaster Recovery is key to restoring your data quickly and preventing inconvenient costs of lost productivity.

Whether you are a small or large business, The Cloud is an effective way to manage your records and protect your IT network in the event of a catastrophe.

Is Your Business Data Secure?

If you lost your business data, the first thought is most often: can you get it back? The good news is that with the right disaster recovery plan, you’ll be able to restore your electronic data and minimise the effect on your business operations.

It is important that all organisations are prepared with a solid and tested data protection and backup plan. The key benefit of a disaster recovery strategy is that it can make the difference in retaining your company data and making sure that your business is kept up and running at all times or at the very least minimising any downtime.

Benefits of Cloud Disaster Recovery

More and more companies are turning to cloud disaster recovery. Why? Because the difference with cloud disaster recovery is that it is in many cases faster, more affordable and offers increased scalability and superb redundancy and reliability.

The main advantage of cloud computing is that the system regularly backs up programs and data as you are using them. So when a disaster occurs, it is easy to access the backed-up files and resume to a business-as-usual condition within a rapid timescale.

In the long run, cloud disaster recovery will save you huge costs that come from fixing a downed system. As well as financial losses from downtime expenses. It also offers a ‘pay as you go’ solution, which means you only pay for what you consume in terms of bandwidth storage and usage.

Why Choose IT Services GBIT Disaster Recovery Management?

IT Services GB can help revolutionise your business with a secure disaster recovery plan. Our solution allows you to store everything you need for your IT capability in just one place: The Cloud.

We can offer a flexible IT infrastructure to solve all of your typical IT problems and help you fully recover your data quickly to keep your business operating and running at maximum efficiency.

This means you can say good riddance to the costs and inconvenience of maintaining and purchasing your own hardware. Our professionals will manage it for you!

If you’re looking to protect your business, you’re in safe hands with IT Services GB’s  highly qualified IT experts. We will provide you with a fully responsive disaster recovery plan using The Cloud to ensure your business is kept running in the event of a catastrophe.