The best Unix server support in the UK

With over two decades of industry experience, IT Services GB is uniquely qualified to provide proactive and reliable outsourced Unix support.

As IT infrastructure evolves, servers, whether they are physical or virtual, are an increasingly critical element of your business network. The applications running on Unix servers are likely to be critical and intensively used across your organisation, so running servers without adequate support is a clear risk. With the right level of technical server support, you can protect your Unix systems from downtime, harmful data loss and security breaches which can be a big issue with poorly administered Unix servers.

Outsource support to us

IT Services GB has a permanent team of Unix administrators, who are also skilled in a wide range of other areas for example SQl databases (postgre, mariadb mysql etc) , Most LAMP stacks, Nginx , Mailing clients, Firewalld, SElinux and much more. These things come with being a full time Unix specialist.When you outsource to IT Services GB, we will dedicate a named support engineer who will take care of your server(s) and operating system(s) on a daily basis. We prefer our Unix Pro’s to get to know our outsourced companies and their systems, so we can most effectively learn about the companies requirements, usage, demands and how we can most effectively provide our typical awesome level of support and pro active maintenance. Depending on the servers roles and criticality we always use development servers to test larger upgrades on, and then port this to the live server once tested and signed off by our quality control team.Additionally, we will pool knowledge from the entire team to your system jobs, to ensure consistent and proactive monitoring, management, IT consultancy and disaster recovery plans

Fix-before-fail cover, 24-7-365 server monitoring and management

We carry out continuous monitoring and management on all of our outsourced servers to identify and resolve any issues before they arise or become a bigger problem. In the unlikely event that a Unix system were to have an issue or go offline, IT Services GB would immediately assess the problem, and act accordingly, within our pre-agreed SLAs. By working remotely, using our state of the art leased line connection our operating system administrators can be on hand to help fast. If an on-site response is required, a member of the support team can be allocated to the job as necessary.

Professional support

Our team of experts offer a complete range of support solutions and a deep knowledge base and are involved from the initial documentation and analysis of your operating system and applications, through to the daily remote monitoring required to keep it fully functional. We react quickly in the event of a fault or outage and can also attend scheduled meetings with your infrastructure team to discuss any planned upgrades or changes. Clients have unlimited access to their dedicated support engineer, via telephone, email or through our UK based service desk, further backed by the entire team. To ensure continued availability and peace of mind for your infrastructure and data security, invest in Unix support from IT Services GB. Contact us today to find out about our comprehensive and affordable support provision.