Is your network up to speed?

Computers are at the heart of many modern businesses – but is your office network performing as you need it to? A modern and robust business IT network gives you control over your computer systems and secure authorised access by on-site and remote workers too.
Hardware should be modern, installed correctly and configured for maximum performance; software should be updated regularly to gain access to new features and patch any security issues that have been discovered in older versions.

Old software is a gift to a skilled black hat hacker but updating old systems can be troublesome if bespoke applications are in use that are also not updated to work with the latest software versions. Many companies still use old legacy systems which can be a serious security risk for data breaches and worse.

IT Security is a key priority of ours on any audit. Flaws in your security can be overlooked. Particularly if you don’t understand the potential risks. Any major threats which are identified will be isolated by us where possible. You will then be advised by an experienced IT or Systems engineer exactly what steps need to be taken. We will then make further recommendations with regards to your system security. This will include things such as your server, hardware upgrades, operating system upgrades, data storage, backups, disaster recovery, managed WIFI, communications and so on.

IT Services GB’s IT networking services allows you to focus on your day-to-day business activities, so that you can do what you do best while we do what we do best and maintain, repair or improve your IT infrastructure. We can perform a full overview audit on your system, look at hardware and software in use and come up with a plan to bring you up to date.

Capacity, capability and cost control

Our IT networking services address the three Cs:

  • CapacityWe make sure your network is large enough to support all of your employees and any cloud platforms you use.
  • Capability: Install the hardware and software you need to benefit from network capabilities like centralised data backup, cloud computing and cloud backup and remote access.
  • Cost control: Effective cost control helps you to achieve maximum return on investment from upgrades to your business network.

These elements underscore our IT networking services, whether you need point-to-point connectivity between just two offices, or a comprehensive network design across multiple locations (WAN).

Hardware that has the right amount of capacity for your business network and allows you to make the most of your broadband bandwidth for maximum productivity and profit.

Revisit the basics

There are some crucial capabilities that no modern business network should be without, for instance:

  • Fast, functional email servers.
  • Reliable, scheduled data backups (local or cloud or local and cloud for redundancy).
  • Safe and rapid access to the internet.
  • Secure external access to intranet resources by all or required staff.
  • Central fast, secure data storage for collaboration and team projects.
  • With the advent of COVID it is even more important to have a suitable structure to enable remote working at a high level, and online teams meetings.
Again, to enable each of these capabilities, you need the right hardware installed and configured to work with the bandwidth available on your broadband connection or leased line.

Outsource IT!

IT Services GB’ IT networking services mean there is no need to hire or expand your own in-house IT team. We are here to help you and can provide ongoing support for any future IT networking projects too. We have a wide array of specialists covering different areas of IT and can bring these specialities to bear in different projects.

Fast data transfer, a secure network, cloud services and full power remote worker and mobile worker capabilities are essentials for a modern business in 2021 and beyond.

To find out more about how IT Services GB can help you with your business IT network, drop us an email using our contact form or give us a call today.