What Is IT Hardware Asset Management?

Keeping track of your IT equipment can be an expensive, time-consuming and in some cases, very complicated task. Many times however, it can be bestowed upon existing staff as an ‘additional task’ on top of their dedicated role, in some cases being treated with minimal concern. Here at IT Services GB, we recognised the need for an effective range of professional services to enable you to effectively manage your IT estate.
Our IT hardware asset management service is an accurate and cost-effective resource for businesses and organisations recognising the importance of asset management, helping control IT assets with physical, on-site IT Hardware audits.

Who needs Hardware Asset Management?

Whether you have a small system already in place or your own CMDB (configuration management database) with discovery tools and are out of synch with hardware when it comes to your current database, or are struggling with change management problems, we can assist. We work with companies, large and small, throughout the UK providing detailed on-site audits, capturing data in some instances for the first time, to ensure a current, accurate and verified IT asset record.