Cloud technology has progressed rapidly in recent years  and with the progression of Internet infrastructure and security services is a far more relevant and accepted option. Cloud services vary depending on the requirements and budgets of each business. Solutions can range from a cloud based backup system right through to a complete cloud IT infrastructure including cloud email solution, cloud file storage and cloud applications. Here at IT Services GB we will customise the cloud to you and really make improve your business capabilities and operating efficiency.

Cloud services to lift your business

We will analyse your IT System and requirements, work with you and generate cloud services that will suit your needs and budget. Most of our clients already are enjoying our cloud backup service which over the past few years has proved to be saviour when a data restore request is made.

Many of our clients with a large mobile workforce or multiple sites have capitalised on the technologies by having a private cloud. Their mobile and remote users log in to the head office infrastructure and from any Internet connection in the world have access to their systems and files as if they were seated at the office. This cuts down on unnecessary hardware and support costs.

How IT Services GB can lift your business up to the cloud

IT Services GB has entered into long lasting partnerships with cloud services suppliers directly due to our extensive time in the cloud industry. This means that there are no distributors and resellers in the middle which keeps our costs low. Additionally we have our own secure cloud infrastructure that we partition for client usage depending on your requirements. We can offer fully dedicated cloud instances or shared cloud instances depending on your usage demands. We offer the latest technology for website hosting and our website cloud servers  all offer 40GB/s uplink and a range of download speeds from 1000Mb/s up to 12,000 MB/s and beyond! Likewise hardware can range from mild 2GB memory and 1core CPU to 192GB memory, 32 CPU cores and 3.8TB SSD as standard. We can offer any web server specifications required and over 30 years experience in Unix systems administration from our founders means we can offer fully managed high specification web servers as standalone offerings to clients.

Whatever your requirement we are here to help, whether you already have an infrastructure that you wish to turn in to a full or partial cloud setup, or whether you wish to host your backup, Spam filtering or applications in the cloud, we can design, build and host the right solution for your business.