Thanks to great relationships with manufacturers, including Microsoft, Apple, Dell and HP we can source top quality hardware at reasonable prices. We will also manage your warranties, which takes this burden from you. We can supply any hardware or software including servers, pcs, laptops, server rack cabinets, networking and storage equipment.

A key part of any IT system is the hardware and it is vital that your IT equipment is reliable and modern. We are a one stop shop for all hardware and software and are vendor agnostic which means we always recommend the best equipment for your needs rather than push a particular manufacturers product because we only sell their equipment.

We also offer hardware warranties and warranty extensions for all hardware, including servers, switches and routers.
Getting rid of your old equipment? We provide a disposal and recycling service for IT hardware, including desktop computers, laptops, monitors, servers, and network hardware. We secure erase all devices and destroy all data on them to Infosec Standard 5 and we can supply Infosec 5 certificates data wipe certificates once this is complete. No hardware should be disposed of containing hard drives that have not been wiped or destroyed regardless of what method you use to dispose of them but using IT Services GB secure hardware disposal gives you the peace of mind that your data is secure and no breaches will be possible via your old equipment.